Empathic AI customer service that's almost human

The autonomous chat platform designed for commerce that combines the best of human empathy and intelligent automation to transform the way you operate and engage with customers.

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Empathic AI customer service that's almost human

The autonomous chat platform designed for commerce. Combine the best of human empathy and intelligent automation to transform the way your customer service teams operate and engage with shoppers.

Delight customers with amazing conversational customer service

Let Siena resolve support requests like a real human, answer complex questions, show empathy, and build rapport. All with the speed and accuracy of a machine.

Instant accurate responses across all channels
Support customers in over 100+ languages
Powered by GPT-4 and proprietary models 
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Breathe life into your brand by crafting AI Personas

Let customers engage with an intelligent machine that comprehends their emotions and offers genuine, on-brand interactions, mirroring the complexity of human empathy.

Enchant customers in every interaction
Achieve consistent high CSAT scores
Deploy different personas per channel
Faster response time
Faster resolution time
Zero backlogs
CSAT scores

On-brand responses


Faster response time


Faster resolution time


Automation rate

FAQ & product knowledge

Drive ROI by turning repetitive questions into seamless, instant answers, without customers ever having to wait.

Social media and community

Whether it's advice, recommendations, or a nudge in the right direction, she helps customers make informed decisions.

Order tracking and address changes

Ensure a seamless post-purchase journey by instantly addressing queries like "order status" or "address changes".

Returns and product exchanges

Let Siena swiftly process returns and exchange, while you exceed customer expectations with ease.

Subscription and retention management 

Siena helps customers pause, reactivate or change their subscription without the hassle of logging in.

Orchestrate all your channels from one place

Keep a consistent customer experience with channel-specific responses automated like a human.

A new standard for intelligent automation

One platform, infinite possibilities

Supported by many companies around the globe

Trusted by world's best CX leaders

Siena has been a game-changer.

Not only reduced our response time by 60% and resolution time by 45%, but it has also generated $1,3K in sales in just 30 days with a 5% automation rate.


An AI experience with an empathic approach.

Partnering with Siena's next generation technology is going to revolutionize engagement with our customers.

Joe Anderson

Best tool for merchants to automate customer support.

They’re turning customer support into a revenue generating channel and can service Social Media comments and email among others.

Jason Wong

Can't see any reason why a brand would not use Siena's magic.

Siena's incredible technology allows us to become more passive on hands-on CX, in turn empowering our team to focus on other opportunities continue brand growth.

Kyle Bergman

An efficient CX that doesn’t compromise on quality.

I truly think what Siena is doing will change customer experience by utilizing machine learning and the ability to create a customizable brand voice.

Cati Pishal

Siena is incredibly intuitive.

Has almost paid for itself with the amount of time and effort it has saved us. The team is awesome, always iterating and taking our feedback seriously.

Chris Meade

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Integrate into your existing platforms

Siena works with your existing modern commerce tool stack such as Shopify, Recharge or Gorgias.


Take your customer experience to new heights