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Gain hands-on AI expertise through the first Certification Program for CX leaders. Blend theory and practice to develop cross-functional AI skills and acquire the knowledge to lead transformative initiatives.

  • Learn to build powerful AI Agents that boost CSAT scores

  • Get recognized as an AI Expert that sets you apart in the market

  • Scale towards enterprise level support and beyond

Course overview.


Dive into AI customer experience and elevate your skills with the Siena AI Certification Program. Master empathic AI-driven customer experiences. From platform onboarding to automations, AI strategy, and knowledge sources, our curriculum covers it all.

Learn to craft brand personas, optimize AI strategies, and leverage automation for exceptional support. Gain insights into analysis and optimization to keep your AI solutions performing at their best.

Designed for flexibility, our program offers learning modules you can access anytime. Unlock the expertise to transform customer experiences and lead in the AI space today.


This module provides an overview of the Siena AI Certification Program. You'll explore understanding autonomous agents in CX, learn prompt engineering, train your autonomous Agent, understand what your team can expect from working with Siena, and how to get the most out of your onboarding experience.

Platform Onboarding

This module introduces the Siena platform, covering automations, personas, and knowledge sources. You'll learn how to link Siena to your tech stack, understand AI context, and enable multichannel automation.


This module teaches you the essentials of creating and managing automations. You'll navigate the automation library, learn to build and test automations, use templates, and launch your first automation. It also covers best practices and common pitfalls.

Brand Personas

This module focuses on creating and testing AI brand personas that match your brand tone of voice. You'll learn to design personas, test them in the Playground, and understand the importance of channel mapping.

Knowledge Sources

In this module, you'll learn how to train Siena using existing documents or URLs as knowledge sources. You'll discover how to link new sources, utilize them in automations, and understand Siena's prioritization methodology.

AI Strategy

This module covers the strategic use of the Siena platform. You'll learn to integrate Siena with your help desk, use the Siena Inbox, develop an automation strategy, set up guardrails, and enable multilingual support.

Analysis & Optimization

This module focuses on refining and improving Siena's performance. You'll learn about intent classification, troubleshooting, and addressing unexpected results. You'll also discover how to use analytics to enhance your AI Agent.

Bonus Features

The bonus module includes additional content around functionalities such as Thinking Time, Conversational Mode, and Copilot. These sections provide extra tools and tips to further enhance your understanding and application of Siena's capabilities.

Wrap Up

In this final module, you'll review the program's key takeaways and continue your professional development. You'll also celebrate your accomplishment with a unique Siena AI Certification, ready to share on LinkedIn and leverage the benefits.


  • Master generative AI for CX

  • Build top performing AI Agents

  • Scale your brand voice across channels

  • Optimize automation for high accuracy

  • Leverage Empathic AI for higher CSAT

  • Deliver best-in-class experiences

  • Gain insights into customer behaviour

  • Flexible modules to fit your schedule

What's included.

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We thought we knew our CX tech, but this certification brings scalable strategies we never thought of. Implementing Siena for our brands became a breeze - like, 10 times faster than we expected. It's hands-down the most cutting-edge AI course for CX out there. If you want to supercharge your CX game, this is it. Your mind will be blown too!

Jess Cervellon

What to expect.

Why become certified?

Stay at the forefront

Using the latest generative models, become an AI-CX expert. Enhance your personal skillset, boost your career prospects, and lead your team in cutting-edge support.

Avoid common pitfalls

Learn from experts to sidestep frequent AI implementation mistakes. Optimize interactions, ensure data privacy, and maintain the human touch and brand voice.

Gain competitive edge

Offer superior, AI-enhanced CX that sets your brand apart. Create personalized, efficient experiences that boost satisfaction and give your business a distinct advantage.

Cource overview.

Course  Overview

Humans & AI

Learn best practices for human-AI collaboration, from ramp-up periods to building confidence and maintaining systems.


Roll out AI Agents smoothly with controlled launches. Address team anxieties through feedback loops that build confidence.


Define and track AI CX success metrics. Gain buy-in from executives and stakeholders.

Prompt Engineering

Master prompt engineering and natural language to build scalable AI Agents for enterprise-level support.

Brand Design

Become an AI persona designer and learn to embody your brand's voice across channels to ensure consistent and authentic CX.

Dos & Don'ts

Discover best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and understand the nuances that impact your automation journey.


Access pre-built templates to accelerate implementation and go live quickly with autonomous AI Agents.


Get practical insights into advanced workflows. Learn what differentiates successful from poorly built automations.


Deploy AI Agents across complex workflows at scale with guardrails to ensure optimal performance and exceptional support.

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What are the key benefits of completing the Siena AI Certification Program?

By completing the Siena AI Certification Program, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to onboard and develop your first AI Agent. The program will give you the why and how to streamline CX processes, boost satisfaction, and expand coverage, ensuring fast, high-quality resolutions. Packed full of insights from our AI-driven CX experts, it's an excellent way to boost your team's skills, confidence, and ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How much does the Siena AI Certification Program cost?

The Siena AI Certification Program is completely free for all Siena customers and partners. We believe in empowering our customers and partners with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed with AI-driven CX, which is why we've made it available at no additional cost.

Can I get my team access to the Certification program too?

Yes! The Siena AI Certification Program is completely free for all Siena customers and partners, and their wider teams. If you’d like to request access to a team member, please speak to your Siena Customer Success Manager.

What happens if I don't pass a quizz?

If you don't pass a quizz on your first attempt, don't worry – you'll have the opportunity to retake it.

What kind of support is available if I have questions during the program?

Whether you need help setting up automations, a quick sense-check on Siena's training, or guidance refining your personas, the AI Assistant can help you get Siena working at her best. Our Customer Success team is also available to provide help and support throughout your learning journey. Whether you have questions about maximizing Siena’s impact, need help with a specific challenge, or want to discuss your AI-driven CX strategy, they're here to help.

Can I get access if I am not currently a Siena partner or customer?

If you are interested in becoming Siena AI Certified and are not currently a Siena customer or partner, you can get in touch with us at or book a demo.