Our mission is to make exceptional customer experiences universally available and unlock human potential

How it all started.

Envisioning a new way of doing customer experience

  • Siena was born out of a need to elevate AI customer support. While others might be satisfied with automated but impersonal responses, we ought to create an AI that excels in empathy and contextual understanding. We questioned conventional wisdom about conversational AI and designed an agent that feels, well, human.

  • Integrated within your existing help desk, Siena serves as a valuable teammate rather than a mere tool. It autonomously resolves 80% of customer queries across various channels. This isn't just about efficiency, but also about reshaping customer experience.

  • Our approach has saved our clients significant time, allowing their human agents to focus on more complex issues that require a personal touch.

The impact of our approach is quantifiable. We have a CSAT score of 4.81, backed by over 50,000 customer reviews.

  • This score doesn't just represent satisfaction. It underscores our commitment to making customer interactions exceptional. So while your team concentrates on their core competencies, Siena ensures the customer experience remains stellar.

Globally growing.

Our team

Siena is a globally distributed team unified by our drive to push boundaries and redefine the meaning of customer experience. We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, creating experiences that not only meet but anticipate needs. We act with urgency but thoughtfully, powered by an insatiable curiosity and a collective focus on excellence. For us, accountability and agency go hand-in-hand; We don’t wait for perfect conditions but create them, treating each success and mistake as a stepping stone. And when it comes to collaboration, we believe the magic happens when we come together—because at Siena, we’re not just co-workers; we’re co-creators.

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