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Dive into our customer stories to unveil how Siena has played a pivotal role in reshaping their customer experience.

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Home goods

Plus, how they cut down on resolution time by 2 to 3 hours, leaving room for in-house customer support to prioritize high-touch tickets without hefty wait times.

Home goods

Learn how Simple Modern used Siena to automate 79% of their service tickets and humanize their replies.


Learn how Groomie uses Siena to reduce CX workload by 50% — without losing the human touch.

Food & beverage

Learn how Bokksu’s Asian cuisine-focused subscription offering supports customers globally using Siena’s AI-powered automations.

Food & beverage

Learn how Siena helps immi, the high-growth brand for healthy instant ramen, maintain efficiency, brand voice, and its team’s peace of mind while scaling customer service.

Health & nutrition

Learn how Everyday Dose works with Siena AI to automate replies to shopper inquiries and social comments — without sacrificing brand voice or product-specific knowledge.

Home goods

Learn how Siena empowers Pluto’s customer experience team to scale efficient, feel-good user support — without compromising on cost or quality.

Food & beverage

Learn how Siena became the newest member of Verb’s customer service team, helping the brand energize its CX and automate 49% of tickets.


Learn how Siena empowered CROSSNET’s lean team to simplify customer support.

Food & beverage

Learn how Siena, a sympathetic AI agent, equipped Hero Bread™ to engage with customers and expand their CX team’s capacity.


Learn how Siena enables Doe Beauty to scale customer support at lower costs and reclaim employees’ time and energy for human-centered strategy efforts.

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