How Siena helps Subtl Beauty’s CX team save 41 hours per week and level up the impact of each member of the team

Learn how Siena helps Subtl Beauty’s CX team save 41 hours per week and level up the impact of each member of the team

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  1. 86.67% Lower Response Times
  2. 4.5+ CSAT Scores
  3. 41 Hours Saved Weekly


Fast-growing Subtl Beauty needed to reduce response times and enable consultative support

In today’s fast-paced world, where schedules are packed and time is of the essence, Rachel Reid recognized a need for simplicity. Subtl Beauty, founded by Rachel, was designed to streamline the beauty routine for people constantly on the move. No more frantic searches through a cluttered makeup bag for the right product. Subtl Beauty offers everything you need in one sleek, travel-friendly ‘stak’ of beauty essentials.

As Subtl Beauty’s popularity soared, Rachel faced a new challenge: how to ensure exceptional customer support around the clock without overwhelming her team. With sales and inquiries spiking during promos and product launches, Rachel knew she needed a scalable solution to meet demand without sacrificing quality of support and the customer experience overall.

“We were receiving a high volume of support requests across all channels, including social, and it wasn’t possible to scale up the CX team to provide around the clock support.”  — Rachel Reid, Founder and CEO of Subtl Beauty

In a high-involvement category like beauty where customers generate a large volume of support requests and ask complex questions, Rachel needed a solution that not only automated inquiries but also empowered her CX team to deliver personalized and attentive service. It was about more than just resolving issues; it was about fostering lasting connections with Subtl Beauty's growing community of customers.


Delivering a standout customer experience during critical product launches and promos

Rachel knew that expanding her CX team’s capacity was essential for providing round-the-clock support. Just then, Rachel met Lisa, co-founder and CMO of Siena AI, at an industry event. As Lisa demonstrated Siena’s capabilities, Rachel remembered being surprised by its human-like responses to even the most complex customer inquiries. The concept of organic-sounding automated customer service seemed too good to be true, but Rachel quickly realized that Siena was unlike any other solution.

Siena enables more personalized, consultative assistance

Unlike traditional bots, Siena could adapt and learn, effortlessly handling tasks ranging from simple inquiries to complex consultations, and most importantly, responding like a human would. Siena AI’s versatility impressed Rachel and her team, who discovered its potential not just for the CX team but the entire customer experience. By automating laborious, high-volume support requests, Siena relieved the pressure on Rachel’s CX team, allowing them to focus on delivering personalized, consultative assistance.

The benefits of integrating Siena into Subtl Beauty's operations were evident during product launches and promotional events. Instead of drowning in a sea of tickets, Rachel's team now had the freedom to provide detailed explanations about new products and offer tailored recommendations to customers. With Siena handling routine tasks, CX agents were no longer bogged down by repetitive inquiries, reducing the risk of burnout and enhancing their ability to address complex issues effectively.

“Siena helped us change our hiring strategy. Now, we can retain our existing agents and level them up rather than having to hire a revolving door of talent to keep up with demand.”⎯ Rachel Reid, Founder and CEO of Subtl Beauty

Siena supports increasingly complex customer inquiries

Rachel and her CX team are always looking for new ways Siena can help customers, scaling the impact of being able to support more customers with fast response times. Alexis Stutz, Subtl Beauty's Customer Success Manager, collaborated with Siena’s customer success team to train the AI on shade matching. In just two weeks, Siena was trained to analyze customer images and provide accurate shade recommendations—a process that previously required significant manual effort given the volume of such requests.

This automation of shade matching demonstrated the scalability and efficiency that Siena brought to Subtl Beauty. With each new capability unlocked, Rachel and her team were able to further enhance the customer experience, providing fast and accurate responses to a growing customer base.

“We taught Siena how to shade match images. She knows how to assess a customer’s skin tone in order to provide a shade match. In collaboration with the Siena team, we trained Siena to help with that kind of support in just 2 weeks.” — Alexis Stutz, Customer Success Manager at Subtl Beauty  

In essence, Siena AI transformed Subtl Beauty’s customer experience, allowing the brand to deliver unparalleled support and personalized recommendations at scale. As Rachel and her team continue to explore Siena’s capabilities, the possibilities for innovation and improvement in customer service are limitless, proving Siena’s value as a partner in Subtl Beauty's journey towards excellence in customer experience.


Siena makes Subtl Beauty’s CX more efficient that drives tangible outcomes

In collaboration with Siena, Subtl Beauty has made CX operations more efficient and elevated the overall customer experience. The tangible outcomes speak volumes:

  • Reduced Response Times: From an average of 15 hours to just under 2 hours, marking an impressive 86% improvement in addressing customer inquiries promptly.
  • High CSAT Scores: Siena’s assistance has consistently garnered CSAT scores of above 4.5 out of 5 stars, reflecting exceptional customer satisfaction with the support provided.
  • Time Savings: Siena saves the CX team approximately 41 hours per typical week, enabling them to allocate resources to achieve higher value outcomes.
  • Scalable Growth: As Subtl Beauty continues its rapid growth, Siena plays a major role in allowing the CX team to punch above its weight class. CX agents can provide the consultative support that customers need without feeling rushed to close a high volume of tickets.

“Our agents now have the ability to bring the full Subtl Beauty experience to every customer, which improves the experience and results in growing revenue.” — Alexis Stutz, Customer Success Manager at Subtl Beauty

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