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How Superfoods Company cut ticket resolution times by 40% with Siena AI

Learn how Superfoods Company partnered with Siena AI to cut ticket resolution times by 2 hours and scale stress-free.

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  1. 99%+ decrease in average ticket response time 
  2. 40% decrease in average ticket resolution time
  3. $85k saved on customer service hiring
Working with Siena ensures every customer inquiry is taken care of. As we scale, I don't have to worry about the increase in customer questions because Superfoods is so well-supported by our Siena personas. - Kayla Mosebrook, Customer Experience Manager at Superfoods Company


Superfoods Company offers a premium range of health and wellness products, from coffees to gummies to superfood tabs. The brand believes in the power of nourishing your body with exceptional ingredients and recently launched the world's first ashwagandha hydration beverage — packed with powerful nootropics and adaptogens to increase focus, productivity, and relaxation. 


To scale efficiently, Superfoods needed a lean customer service solution

As the team at Superfoods Company planned to scale, they needed to allocate funds to launching more products. This meant finding cost savings wherever possible — starting with their customer support function. In addition, Kayla Mosebrook, Customer Experience Manager at Superfoods Company, explains they wanted a more efficient strategy for quicker ticket resolutions. 

So, when Superfoods heard about a well-known brand in its network cutting customer service costs and scaling with Siena, implementing our solution was a no-brainer. 

We wanted to launch more products and fuel growth in an efficient way. But we were grappling with the cost of customer service. - Kayla Mosebrook, Customer Experience Manager at Superfoods Company


Once Superfoods reached out to Siena AI, we walked the brand through integration from start to finish. Kayla notes that our teams met weekly for a month to fine-tune macros and fundamental automations. Since then, we meet monthly, and the Siena AI team provides rapid, thorough replies to any and all questions via Slack. 

Here are the two key benefits Superfoods has enjoyed thanks to Siena: 

Benefit #1: Unique personas for different channels

Using Siena as a starting point, Superfoods created three custom personas for interacting with customers: 

  • The social persona: Bubbly, fun, and uses emojis
  • The SMS persona: Laid-back and sales-oriented
  • The email persona: Straightforward, concise, and follows policies

Since Siena understands natural language, all Superfoods had to do was write out instructions and descriptions for each persona and upload them to our platform. Now, Siena follows those directions to a tee and tailors every response based on the channel. 

Benefit #2: Siena’s replies are human-like and empathetic

Not only are Siena's responses swift, they also drive tangible value for Superfoods. Siena has been trained on Superfoods' product catalog, purchase policies, branding guidelines, and more — so she can accurately answer FAQs from prospective customers. 

Plus, every response from Siena feels unique and trustworthy. According to Kayla, Superfoods shoppers say chatting with Siena feels like talking to a human being. 

Siena knows our products and our voice now, so she gives our customers a lot of value — and they react so positively. They think Siena is a person and feel like they can trust her. - Kayla Mosebrook, Customer Experience Manager at Superfoods Company


Siena enables efficient customer service that actually drives purchases

Working with Siena has improved virtually every aspect of Superfoods’ customer service, from response times to the personable nature of every message. Since Siena immediately gives customers the information they need to purchase, Kayla reports conversions have skyrocketed. 

Take a look at the metrics to date: 

  • 99%+ decrease in average ticket response time 
  • 40% decrease in average ticket resolution time
  • $85k saved on customer service hiring

For Superfoods, using Siena is non-negotiable. Our partnership has empowered the brand to scale more efficiently and repurpose its customer support budget for production and marketing. Yet, even with these quantitative perks, Kayla affirms that the greatest benefit of Siena is knowing every Superfoods customer will be cared for, no matter what. 

Customers now receive responses from us right away, so they're more eager to buy because they have all of the information they need. Plus, not only are Siena’s responses immediate, they're also on-brand and value-driven. - Kayla Mosebrook, Customer Experience Manager at Superfoods Company
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