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Everyday Dose automates over 70% of shopper inquiries with Siena

Learn how Everyday Dose works with Siena AI to automate replies to shopper inquiries and social comments — without sacrificing brand voice or product-specific knowledge.

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  1. 400+ hours saved annually on CX ops
  2. 71% of customers’ website inquiries automated
  3. 90% of social media comments answered by Siena
When we brought on Siena, we saw a game-changing difference. The way we can customize her to say vs. not say certain words and how she responds to social media comments are pretty much perfect. - Beatriz Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose

About Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose is like your morning coffee — but better. Combining a classic coffee flavor with functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics, Everyday Dose’s coffee alternative subscription box promotes good health and great flavor. 


This lean CX team needed to scale support — without the downtime of onboarding new hires

Q4 2022 brought in major traffic for Everyday Dose — and, with that, a new level of strain on its customer experience team. By the start of 2023, Beatriz Lopes and Catarina Lopes, Everyday Dose’s two Heads of Customer Experience, needed a change of pace. 

We saw a very significant increase in the volume of inquiries. It wasn’t doable for Catarina and I to answer them by ourselves, but training people is also very time-consuming. We couldn’t do that and manage inquiries at the same time. - Beatriz Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose

On top of answering inquiries through the Everyday Dose website, the team of two wanted support for social media. The brand’s Facebook ads drive an “insane” amount of traffic and comments — many of which require immediate response to entice customers to purchase. 

In short, Everyday Dose needed one solution that could solve two pain points: 

  • Quickly and accurately manage inquiries submitted through the Everyday Dose site
  • Respond to Facebook and Instagram comments near-instantly — all while retaining the brand’s specific tone for socials

Luckily, they discovered Siena AI soon after. 

Siena fell into our laps during this time and has been a wonderful opportunity. She was definitely our biggest saving grace when it came to Facebook and Instagram comments. - Beatriz Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose


By integrating Siena with its customer experience, Everyday Dose can ensure shoppers get rapid responses that enable the perfect purchase. Beatriz and Catarina attribute this to three factors: 

Benefit #1: Siena automates subscription FAQs while maintaining a human touch

Since the launch of the Everyday Dose subscription box, its CX team has received the same questions over and over. In Catarina’s words, she needed a magic button she could press to autofill responses to FAQs, including shipment tracking updates or order cancellations. 

Now, Siena is that magic button for Everyday Dose — with the added bonus of automated replies that are human-like and on-brand. 

Questions about subscription cancellations or order statuses are things we can now automate — thanks to Siena. She helps us a lot when it comes to managing repetitive inquiries. - Catarina Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose
Benefit #2: Siena intelligently responds to every type of social media comment at scale

Siena isn’t just for scaling CX ops — Everyday Dose includes her in its social media strategy, too. In the past, the brand’s social ads worked a little too well, which led to two issues: 

  • Too much traffic for the team to reply manually to each comment
  • Back-and-forth debates in the comments about the efficacy of functional mushrooms

In response, Siena essentially acts as an agent who can simultaneously: 

  • Leave high-quality responses to social media comments at scale
  • Drop accurate, research-based responses based on knowledge from the Everyday Dose team
Users can scroll through our comment sections and see the knowledgeable, scientific, and very friendly comments that Siena leaves on behalf of our brand. That may be the best part of her functionality. - Catarina Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose
Benefit #3: Siena inspires shopper confidence in Everyday Dose products

Since Everyday Dose touches on health and wellness, it’s vital that buyers feel confident in their purchases. Beatriz emphasizes that customer support plays a huge role here. Thanks to Siena, Everyday Dose can quickly and accurately provide buyers with the product details they need to make informed decisions, including questions about ingredients, comparisons with other products, or about vegan options.

Plus, Siena is trained to recognize concern or uncertainty in the tone of an inquiry and respond with support and assurance. This further encourages the shopper along their purchasing journey. 

Siena’s unique responses are what people love most. We’ve had customers say her answers inspired them to purchase, because they just felt so comfortable with her. They feel that safety with Siena, which helps them purchase. - Beatriz Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose


With Siena, Everyday Dose saves hundreds of hours annually on customer support

After partnering with Siena AI, Everyday Dose automated an impressive portion of both its on-site inquiry and social media comment management. 

In addition to pure peace of mind, the brand’s team has enjoyed the following results: 

  • 400+ hours saved annually on CX ops
  • 71% of customers’ website inquiries automated
  • 90% of social media comments answered by Siena

Looking ahead, Catarina and Beatriz are thrilled that Siena has become their customer support team’s best co-worker. As they continually seek out new opportunities to enhance the Everyday Dose customer experience, Siena will remain a key part of that journey. 

I can’t say enough about how game-changing Siena is, particularly for managing social media comments. Whatever the platform, her messages are always just as excited as the customer’s, which is essential to a positive CX. - Catarina Lopes, Head of Customer Experience at Everyday Dose
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