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How Siena helps Canopy match CX capacity to seasonal demand by automating over 36% of support requests

Learn how Siena helps Canopy match CX capacity to seasonal demand by automating over 36% of support requests

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After launch, high volume inquiries and support requests buried the CX team

When Lucas Lappe launched Canopy, a modern take on traditional humidifiers, demand was overwhelming. The company found itself grappling with backorders and a staggering number of customer inquiries, creating a significant CX debt from the outset.

Determined to provide top-tier service, Canopy’s CX team turned to experimenting with AI. They integrated ChatGPT plugins and Make to craft a custom AI-powered support system. Despite their best efforts, the system struggled to scale with the rapid growth of their business and the influx of support requests.

As the volume of inquiries, ranging from straightforward to intricate, continued to rise, Canopy's CX agents faced mounting pressure as seasonal demand increased needs of the CX team. It became evident that a more robust and scalable solution was necessary to maintain the high standards of customer support Canopy aimed to deliver.


Siena replaces a homegrown solution and becomes critical to Canopy’s CX strategy

In the midst of Canopy's rapid growth and rising customer inquiries, Lucas faced the task of finding a scalable and effective solution for their CX team. This search led him to Siena, introduced through a customer reference. Recognizing Siena's potential to seamlessly integrate into Canopy's tech stack, including their Recharge subscription management platform, Lucas knew Siena was the leading AI solution for CX teams.

Launched Siena quickly after customizations

Siena's core design, focused on infusing empathic AI into critical workflows and customer interactions, resonated with Canopy's CX team. Upon implementing Siena, the impact was immediate. Within the first few weeks, Siena was already responding to customer queries, and Lucas was astonished at how quickly Siena was adding value to this team. 

As Canopy’s CX team got started with Siena, they began leveraging Siena's persona customization capabilities. Creating distinct personas for email and social channels was crucial for Canopy, given their diverse customer base and varied channels of interaction. This ensured that responses remained on-brand and timely, regardless of the platform. The result? Canopy's CX team could handle a significantly higher volume of requests and comments, all while maintaining the personalized touch that defined their service.

Siena can scale CX to match demand

Lucas and his team face a notable surge in demand for Canopy's humidifiers during the winter season, prompting the need to scale the CX team's capacity. Here, thanks to Siena’s flexibility, Lucas found it easy to adjust Siena's coverage of support requests based on business needs.

"Having a flexible resource like Siena means we can address a high percentage of tickets during our busy season without adding undue stress on our team." ⎯ Lucas Lappe, Founder of Canopy

Much easier to use reporting and derive insights

Central to Canopy's success with Siena was the insightful reporting and analytics provided. Lucas highlights the exceptional quality of Siena's dashboard data and insights compared to other platforms like Gorgias. The ease of use of Siena's reporting tools enabled Lucas and his team to identify trends, pinpoint interactions affecting Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and take prompt action.

In Lucas' view, Siena has had a major impact on Canopy's CX operations, from handling increased seasonal demand to maintaining a personalized touch across channels.

"Siena has not just optimized our CX workflows, but has become a key driver in our ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences, especially during peak seasons." ⎯ Lucas Lappe, Founder of Canopy


Siena’s impact goes beyond the numbers by helping the whole CX team raise the bar

Since integrating Siena into their system, Canopy has significantly improved response and resolution times. Siena's ability to handle customer queries round-the-clock and during weekends and holidays has been a game-changer. This always-on approach saves the CX team from returning to a backlog of unanswered questions and enhances efficiency.

Lucas emphasizes the value of Siena Copilot, which has elevated the overall CX experience.

"Siena Copilot has been really helpful for our agents. It helps the whole team reflect our brand's tone—brighter, lighter, and more on point." ⎯ Lucas Lappe, Founder of Canopy

Moreover, Siena's automation capabilities have streamlined Canopy's operations significantly. Automating over 36% of incoming queries across various channels has enabled Canopy to sustain double-digit growth scale up or down CX capacity as needed. Lucas estimates a cost-saving equivalent to at least one full-time hire over the course of 12 months, showcasing the tangible benefits of Siena's implementation for Canopy's bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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