How Siena helps Douxds save 44 hours per month and redeploy those hours toward growth

Learn why Douxds chose Siena and how CX has become a growth driver for their brand

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  1. 4.2 CSAT scores, rising from 3.6
  2. 44 hours saved monthly
  3. 99% faster response times

Douxds, founded by Damon Dixon, is dedicated to revolutionizing men's skincare. Damon's long-time interest in skincare drove him to develop a solution tailored to men seeking clear, soft skin, aiming to eliminate the blemishes and marks left by acne and other skin issues.


Rapid growth quickly outpaced CX capacity

As Douxds expands, Damon is keen on directing the company's resources towards growth through creative marketing, more customer-oriented products, and content. However, he acknowledges the critical role that customer experience plays in enabling this growth. Satisfied customers not only make repeat purchases but also spread the word about Douxds.

Selling skincare products online poses two main challenges for Damon and his CX team: the need for swift responses to a growing customer base and offering personalized support and advice suited to each customer's complex questions and requirements. These challenges overwhelmed the Douxds CX team as the company’s growth accelerated.

In response, Damon started looking for an automated solution, one that Douxds could implement immediately to optimize the output of the CX team in the long run.

You have to be a subject matter expert; you have to live and breathe men’s skincare. I can keep training agents, and of course, I’ll keep doing that, but longer-term, I need a tool that can help us scale as a company. – Damon Dixon, Founder of Douxds  


Looking for an ecommerce solution, Douxds finds an ideal CX-AI solution in Siena

Damon began his CX automation journey with Gorgias' help desk AI-branded functionalities, particularly its built-in chatbot features. However, he quickly discovered its limitations—Gorgias' chatbot could only deploy pre-written responses within set parameters. It’s basically an ‘if/then’ rule-based engine. Lacking adaptive or learning capabilities, Gorgias couldn't adapt to customer needs or enhance support based on past interactions.

Recognizing the need for a more advanced AI solution, Damon and his team sought a tool tailored for ecommerce, which included powered by generative AI, omnichannel support, and seamlessly integrated into their operations—addressing Douxds' CX capacity challenges head-on.

Siena’s focus on ecommerce shines bright

Determined to find an AI solution for this CX team, Damon needed tailored integrations, analytics, user experience, and high quality automated support. This awareness led him to Siena, a platform created for ecommerce by founders who have firsthand experience operating ecommerce brands.

The need for an CX-AI solution capable of handling Douxds' products and delivering tailored advice to customers, drew Damon to Siena's capabilities. Among these were Siena's adeptness at mirroring Douxds' brand personality, its generative AI capabilities facilitating 1:1 personalized support and learning from past interactions, and its versatility in supporting customers across various channels such as web, social, and email, each customizable to suit specific needs. With Siena, Damon found a solution that not only aligned with Douxds' ethos but also promised to elevate the customer experience, integrating with the company’s investment in branding and marketing.

Siena acts like a skincare expert and provides tailored advice

The surge in support requests flooded Douxds' CX team, spanning from routine queries to intricate concerns. With the brand's popularity growing, the support volume escalated, fueled by both the expanding customer base and the sophisticated nature of skincare inquiries. Customers often sought guidance on their skincare routines and how Douxds' products could address their specific needs, generating numerous follow-up questions.

Recognizing the need for a robust solution, Damon introduced Siena at a critical moment. Within just two weeks, Siena seamlessly assimilated product knowledge and CX protocols, swiftly attending to customer queries. Leveraging past documentation, help articles, and macros, Siena ensured precision in her responses, adeptly tailored to Douxds' customers' requirements. Moreover, she exhibited adaptability, crafting personalized responses even to novel queries.

Siena learns like a human would. It’s not simple input/output. No two customer interactions are the same and Siena’s AI can handle almost any customer context without pre-programing exact answers. It can even match your brand tone and voice. – Damon Dixon, Founder of Douxds

Damon noted Siena's human-like evolution over time, improving her responsiveness based on accumulated learnings from past interactions. Like a seasoned professional, Siena synthesized insights from prior conversations, enhancing her effectiveness in addressing customer inquiries with each subsequent interaction. With Siena's support, Douxds' CX team continues to become more efficient, alleviating the burden of escalating support demands as the brand experiences growth.

Wherever Douxd’s customers can request support, Siena can help

Douxds operates across multiple channels, allowing prospects and customers to inquire via email, the website, SMS, and social media platforms where Douxds advertises. Siena seamlessly integrates with each of these channels, ensuring customers can reach out wherever they are. Damon prioritized establishing a persona for Siena to align with Douxds' brand tone across channels. For instance, Siena crafts concise responses for social media while offering more detailed explanations via email. This tailored approach enables consistent and appropriate communication, enhancing the overall customer experience across all touchpoints.

Unlike others, Siena is multi-channel. Others have just a chat bubble on your site, but Siena gives support across all my channels like social, email, and more. – Damon Dixon, Founder of Douxds


Beyond improving CX metrics, Siena enables growth

Since implementing Siena, Damon notes a significant reduction in response times as Siena provides almost instant responses across customer support requests. This improvement correlates with a 17% increase in Douxds' CSAT scores, rising from 3.6 to 4.2. Moreover, Siena's support translates to substantial time savings, amounting to 44 hours monthly, empowering Damon to allocate more resources towards marketing and growth endeavors.

With Siena proficiently handling support tasks, Damon's CX team dedicates their newfound time to gathering strategic product feedback, subsequently informing and enhancing product development efforts. In essence, Siena's impact extends beyond enhanced customer satisfaction and time savings, facilitating a shift towards growth-oriented initiatives, further helping Douxds achieve its growth goals.

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