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How immi reduced response times from 24+ hours to minutes with Siena

Learn how Siena helps immi, the high-growth brand for healthy instant ramen, maintain efficiency, brand voice, and its team’s peace of mind while scaling customer service.

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  1. 52% of all ticket responses automated
Siena is now our main tool for customer service. If you’re a chef, you have a knife. We’re a customer service team, so we have Siena. - CX Lead Manager at immi


In 2021, the team at immi reinvented instant ramen by putting a healthy twist on the beloved Asian American staple. Every serving of immi ramen noodles is low carb, high protein, entirely plant-based, and packed with 6g of net carbs, 21g of protein, and 18g of fiber. This brand is perfect for consumers who miss eating ramen and are looking to embrace healthy eating without sacrificing indulgent flavor. 


High-growth brands need to efficiently scale customer service

New customers fall in love with immi ramen every day. With this, the brand saw demand grow exponentially and needed to scale customer service to keep up. 

Hiring and onboarding traditional support agents was too time-consuming and costly for the lean startup brand. At the same time, immi is known for its conversational, approachable tone. Maintaining that reputation is key, meaning the team couldn’t just automate customer interactions with a chatbot. In their words: 

Being able to provide excellent service to customers helps create a really loyal fan base. But it’s hard to do that with a traditional customer service system. - CX Lead Manager at immi

In response, immi’s CX team needed a solution for three pressing problems: 

  • Automating answers to frequently asked questions
  • Maintaining immi’s signature voice in interactions
  • Ensuring every ticket is resolved in under 24 hours

Once the immi team discovered Siena and realized our product addressed all three pain points, they couldn’t wait to put our empathetic AI customer service to work. 

I was really excited when we found this solution because it’s designed to help with a lot of the headaches I’ve historically had while running a customer service team. Siena resolves pretty much all of those problems. - CX Lead Manager at immi


By onboarding with Siena, immi can ensure every customer gets the answers they need while freeing up time for its team to solve more complex tickets. immi points to three benefits of our solution that make this possible: 

Benefit #1: Siena automatically delivers reliable answers to FAQs

Using Siena, immi can automate one-third of all customer conversations and focus on writing personalized responses to health- or recipe-related questions when necessary. 

immi highlights that the Siena team was invaluable here, suggesting automations to streamline immi’s more repetitive customer requests. As a result, the brand can focus more time on training Siena with data from new interactions. 

Benefit #2: With Siena, your team only needs to focus on complex tickets

If a customer’s request is more complex or requires nuanced steps, Siena quickly escalates the ticket to a live customer service agent at immi. As a result, the immi team has more bandwidth to respond to requests in depth and build connections with customers. 

Benefit #3: Siena is more than a tool — it functions like your co-worker

As immi scales, immi’s CX team prioritizes leveraging innovative technology to expand service without breaking the bank. Siena exemplifies this: immi reports their customer support team is far more efficient since onboarding with us. In fact, immi describes Siena as more than just a valued tool — it’s become another member of their team. 

Since we’re much more efficient, we’ve been able to specialize the tasks and workloads of my other team members — Siena’s co-workers. This otherwise wouldn’t have happened. And that’s thanks to the help of Siena. - CX Lead Manager at immi


Thanks to Siena, immi’s response time went from 24+ hours to minutes

Since implementing Siena, the immi team has successfully scaled customer service to meet demand. Even better, they can do so and have it all: efficiency, personalization and brand voice, and peace of mind. Here’s a snapshot of immi’s results so far: 

  • 52% of all ticket responses automated — Every response to an FAQ is automated, freeing up the immi team to respond personally to complex tickets. 
  • Lightning fast response times — In the past, the immi team aimed to respond to every ticket within 24 hours. Now, with Siena, almost every ticket gets a response in minutes. 

From here, immi looks forward to training Siena’s AI on more complex customer questions and maximizing its use as immi scales. Investing in tech is a strategy that sets immi apart as a food-and-beverage brand and Siena proves exactly why it pays off. 

Our strategy centers on being able to quickly resolve customer concerns the way they expect help from a top-notch customer service agent. The only way we can do that is by partnering with Siena. - CX Lead Manager at immi
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