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How Siena helped Simple Modern achieve a 98% customer satisfaction rating

Learn how Simple Modern used Siena to automate 79% of their service tickets and humanize their replies.

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  1. 79% of support tickets automated
  2. 98% customer satisfaction rate
  3. 80 hours saved per week
Siena changed the course of how we view what we do just because it made it so much easier and so much better. – Katie Mitchell, Customer Experience Specialist at Simple Modern.


Simple Modern designs trendy coffee mugs, water bottles, and insulated tumblers in modern colors, fun patterns, and popular licensed brands like Disney and the NFL. Simple Modern’s 40 oz Trek Tumbler became a fan favorite thanks to a viral trend on TikTok.


Simple Modern's popularity overwhelmed their lean CX team

Even before the Trek design went viral, Simple Modern’s six-person customer experience team had their hands full. The brand’s most popular designs were selling out quickly, and its CX team had to handle everything from returns to product personalization requests — as well as communications with wholesale partners and buyers.

The increased volume also strained their already-busy team because:

  • Agents only work Monday through Friday, causing tickets to pile up on weekends.
  • Almost 80% of their replies answered basic questions, underutilizing the team’s talents and preventing them from prioritizing their workloads.
  • Slower customer response times led to missed cancellations, increasing product returns.

S|M’s small team needed a better way to keep up with the high volume of support tickets. Their main concerns were:

  • Answering customer questions
  • Improving response times
  • Decreasing product returns

According to their Customer Experience Specialist Katie Mitchell, Simple Modern wanted a solution that would help them not only achieve those goals, but respond to customer emails and resolve cancellation requests without the touch of an agent. This would open up the CX team to solve much more challenging problems and manage their workloads, without hiring additional agents.

Our six customer experience support specialists were overwhelmed by the volume of tickets. We needed something to handle those initial responses to free them up for more complex questions. – Katie Mitchell, Customer Experience Specialist at Simple Modern.


Siena's AI customer service agent allows Simple Modern to respond in their brand voice 24/7

Simple Modern needed an AI-powered solution to automate replies to customer emails, which took up the bulk of their agents’ time. At the same time, this solution couldn’t sacrifice personal touch: The AI had to be able to respond with empathy and intelligence. Enter: Siena.

Siena works with existing e-commerce tools for seamless integration

With its variety of use cases and a knack for conversational responses, Siena was the ideal fit. The platform also appealed to their e-commerce team because it integrates with many of the platforms they were already using, like Zendesk and Shopify.

Onboarding Siena was fast and easy – reducing time to value

To help Siena respond to S|M’s most common customer questions, Katie initially set up 50 automations. These prompts supply the basis for their email persona, which they named Hallie.

Katie says the week spent setting up the Hallie persona in Siena was well worth it. She calls the responses it generates “intricate” and “empathetic.”

Hallie analyzes each ticket and responds in real-time

When a ticket comes in, Hallie replies to the customer, using the tone, brand voice, and word choice Katie assigned to the persona. Siena’s humanized responses help Hallie blend seamlessly with the rest of the CX team.

Just like her human counterparts, Hallie replies to tickets in real-time, resolving issues or passing the ticket to a human team member as needed.

We just finished our busiest season of the year. I feel like since we had Siena, it really truly saved us so much time and headache. Without Siena, we would've been drowning in the amount of incoming tickets. – Katie Mitchell, Customer Experience Specialist at Simple Modern.


Siena yielded a 98% satisfaction rating – while decreasing return rates

Because Hallie is always on and operates autonomously, she’s produced some pretty amazing results for the Simple Modern team:

  • 79% of customer replies automated — Hallie responds to 79% of customer issues — a major win for an overburdened customer support team.
  • 98% customer satisfaction rating — Siena’s humanized responses are a hit with customers — they’ve given Hallie (aka Siena) a 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • 80 hours saved each week — Siena saves the S|M team 80 hours each week, the capacity of two human team members. The reduced workload also improved the CX team’s morale.
  • Significantly reduced returns

Katie says this success is all due to Siena’s adaptive intelligence, which allows for genuine responses that reflect the generosity and care behind Simple Modern’s brand.

Thanks to the success they’ve seen with Hallie, Simple Modern plans to add Siena to their live chat soon. This new “team member” will get a separate persona with its own prompts and a new name but will still provide the same seamless integration and multichannel support their customers expect.

I really am excited for the future with Siena working with Simple Modern. It's been nothing but great so far, so I can only see it getting better from here. – Katie Mitchell, Customer Experience Specialist at Simple Modern.
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