How Loftie uses Siena to automate 60% of tickets and hit a 5-star support rating

Learn how Loftie — a lean, fast-growing, family-owned brand — uses Siena to scale customer support without having to make new hires.

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  1. 60% of CX tickets automated
  2. $80,000 saved on CX resourcing
  3. 5-star customer support rating for Siena
When a ticket comes in, Siena can answer it in under a minute. She’ll even compliment the product color that the buyer chose or ask about the weather in their city. Siena’s not only efficient — our customers like her engagement. - Matthew Hassett, Founder and CEO at Loftie


Loftie makes sleep products that help you put down your smartphone at night and get better rest. The brand is best known for its sleek, innovative Loftie Clock, which connects to Wi-Fi and offers features like a Bluetooth speaker, guided meditations, and white noise to make falling asleep and waking up easier. 


Loftie is a fast-growing brand that needed a budget-friendly CX solution

As a family-owned business with a lean team of six, Loftie was thrilled to see sales skyrocket. At the same time, more customers meant more customer support inquiries. 

With waves of tickets coming in, Loftie’s two dedicated CX representatives felt the pressure to keep up quick response times as well as personalized messaging — even on weeknights, weekends, and holidays. It didn’t help that many of these inquiries were often repetitive, such as questions about order statuses or return policies. 

That’s when Matthew Hassett, Founder and CEO at Loftie, knew it was time to find a new approach to customer support that balanced: 

  • Scale: Loftie’s CX function had to grow to meet new levels of consumer demand
  • Cost: Any solution they chose had to be budget-friendly (i.e., maintaining headcount)
  • Bandwidth: Loftie’s two support reps aimed to reclaim time for more complex CX needs
As a lean, family-owned and -operated brand, we have to be strategic about where we put our limited resources. - Matthew Hassett, Founder and CEO at Loftie


Loftie utilizes Siena to combine AI efficiency with personalized customer support

The Loftie team had leveraged CX technology in the past. But when they discovered Siena’s empathic AI capabilities, she was unlike any standard chatbot they’d seen before. So, the brand signed up and dove into a seamless onboarding soon after. 

They easily integrated Siena with Loftie’s tech stack and trained her on their product catalog, brand and style guides, FAQs and common responses, and much more. The end result? 

Siena can automatically respond to Loftie’s customer inquiries, delivering accurate answers and real-time order info at scale and in seconds. Plus, all of Siena’s replies sound like they were typed out by a human agent. She even tailors her language based on Loftie’s set guidelines, which helps the brand maintain the feel and personality of a small, family-owned brand. 

By onboarding Siena, Loftie scaled customer support without having to make any new hires, all while freeing up time to focus on more complex tickets and strategic CX initiatives. 

Anyone coming to our website would be surprised to see that we only have six full-time team members. Siena handles the tickets so our CX agents can focus on more complex, high-level, or hands-on efforts. - Matthew Hassett, Founder and CEO at Loftie


With Siena, Loftie built a scalable CX function while staying on-budget

Empowered by Siena’s empathic support at scale, Loftie enjoys both greater efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. 

Here’s a snapshot of the results so far: 

  • 60% of CX tickets automated
  • $80,000 saved on CX resourcing
  • 5-star customer support rating for Siena
  • Sub-60-second response time using Siena

As for what’s next, Matthew and the Loftie team look forward to scaling their customer base while keeping Siena on as a vital member of their CX team. She’ll eventually be joined by more teammates, as Loftie can use their cost savings to hire more human CX experts over time. 

Having Siena on our team means we free ourselves up to answer truly unique, complex inquiries. No matter the question, Siena or our human agents can respond to customers right away and get them the information they need. - Matthew Hassett, Founder and CEO at Loftie
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