How Siena AI helped Andar give customers a sense of validation and made them feel heard

Learn how this leather goods brand implemented Siena to automate over half of their customer support tickets, while maintaining a 98% positive response rating.

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  1. 58% of support tickets automated
  2. 98% positive response rating from customers
  3. $30,000 saved per year compared to previous CX solutions
Siena helps us address concerns quickly, but also gives customers a sense of validation and makes them feel heard. She can make every customer feel like they’re a top priority, not just a number. - Daniel Patchett, Head of Customer Success at Andar


Since 2015, Andar has handcrafted full-grain, vintage leather goods that weather the test of time. Using only the highest-quality materials, Andar helps customers declutter, organize, and carry what matters. 


Andar’s one-man CX team wanted a time- and cost-efficient way to scale support

As Andar scaled, the brand knew an excellent customer experience was pivotal to retaining these new buyers. So, they decided to invest — starting with a team of support agents overseas. While these remote agents helped bandwidth, they eventually encountered hurdles like language barriers and lack of in-house brand knowledge. 

This meant Daniel Patchett, Head of Customer Success at Andar, often jumped in to assist. As a one-man department, he didn’t have the time to spare. 

Daniel knew Andar needed a more sustainable CX solution, which would ideally: 

  • Free up his time to only handle the most complex CX tickets
  • Grow bandwidth — without the cost of hiring a full in-house team

Luckily, that’s when a teammate at Andar pointed Daniel to Siena AI. 

Being a one-man show, I didn’t have the time to take care of every single customer to the best of my ability. - Daniel Patchett, Head of Customer Success at Andar


Siena is an empathic, AI-powered agent that helps Andar’s customers feel heard

Working with Siena has been seamless for Andar, beginning as early as onboarding. According to Daniel, any time he had a question about implementation, the Siena AI team was on deck and ready to support. 

As a result, he easily set up everything Siena needed to perform as well as a human customer service agent, including: 

  • Andar’s knowledge bank, including their product catalog and shipping and return policies
  • Automations based on Andar’s most common CX inquiries and responses
  • Andar’s brand voice (warm, empathetic, validating), so Siena doesn’t just sound like a human, she sounds like a true employee who lives and breathes the brand

Today, Siena can automate responses to every other customer support ticket Andar receives. On the off chance that an inquiry is too complex or involved, she simply escalates the ticket to Daniel. 

At the same time, Siena’s replies acknowledge frustration, communicate conversationally, and demonstrate empathy, so Andar’s customers feel heard. 

Best of all? From start to finish, it took Daniel less than one month to get Siena up and running. 

The team at Siena AI was always so communicative and willing to help. They actually gave me a greater sense of security. That really sets them apart from competitors. - Daniel Patchett, Head of Customer Success at Andar


Thanks to Siena, Andar has automated over 50% of customer support tickets

Since implementing Siena, Andar’s ticket volume has increased by nearly 200%. In the past, Daniel admits he would’ve been swamped. But now, Siena steps in to automate more than half of all responses. Plus, Daniel reports that Andar’s customer base has loved Siena, often reaching out to comment on her care and knowledge. 

Here’s a snapshot of Siena’s impact in numbers so far: 

  • 58% of support tickets automated
  • 98% positive response rating from customers
  • $30,000 saved per year compared to previous CX solutions

Beyond Siena’s immediate impact on Andar’s customer experience, she’s freed up Daniel to refocus on strategic efforts (like vendor comms and systems implementation) and plan for the future. 

As Andar continues scaling their customer base, Daniel will be keeping an eye out for Siena AI’s latest rollouts so he can leverage them ASAP. 

We’re excited for whatever comes next from Siena AI. I have pure confidence that they’re going to continue leveling up and expanding their technology and capabilities. That means even more automations we could bring to Andar. - Daniel Patchett, Head of Customer Success at Andar
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