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How Pluto saves 290+ hours annually on customer support with Siena

Learn how Siena empowers Pluto’s customer experience team to scale efficient, feel-good user support — without compromising on cost or quality.

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  1. 290+ hours saved per year with automated responses
  2. 13% faster average ticket response time
  3. $45K saved on CX hiring

Siena truly helps us hit our growth goals. She gives us the peace of mind that we can keep our team lean and still deliver excellent customer service as we’re scaling.- ​​Henry Lindstrom, Customer Experience Lead at Pluto

About Pluto

Pluto is on a mission to infuse sleep schedules with next-level personalization, technology, design, and care. Named the best pillow of 2023 by CNN, the brand’s flagship Pluto Pillow is the first (and only) pillow built-to-order based on each buyer’s sleep profile. With a simple five-minute questionnaire, Pluto customizes each pillow using their patented process. 


Pluto expected to maintain high-quality, personalized service as it scaled

Pluto's flagship product is completely customized, which makes customer experience critical to the brand’s success. Henry Lindstrom, CX Lead at Pluto, worked with one fellow support rep to build Pluto’s reputation for thoughtful and efficient customer care. 

However, as Pluto saw a major uptick in demand, its lean service team had to get creative to maintain rapid ticket response times. 

Henry saw AI support tools as a potential solution, but he refused to implement anything that might harm Pluto’s customer-first reputation. Any AI-powered solution had to: 

  • Speed up (or even automate) answering customer inquiries at scale
  • Produce human-sounding responses that matched Pluto’s brand voice

After demoing several options, nothing produced the authentic, human tone Henry needed. He nearly scrapped the AI route altogether and began considering outsourcing to third-party service reps. 

That’s when another operator in the DTC space pointed him to Siena AI. 

After several AI-powered tools didn’t get the job done, I reached out to Siena AI. I was just blown away by how much even the demo results sounded like something I’d typically write to our customers. - ​​Henry Lindstrom, Customer Experience Lead at Pluto


Siena was the only AI Henry encountered that produced truly human-sounding, personalized responses. So, he quickly put her to work at Pluto. 

After just three months, the Pluto team reports three major benefits of Siena: 

Benefit #1: Effortless, near-instant implementation

After the initial implementation, it didn’t take long for Siena to feel like a full-time member of Pluto’s customer experience team. 

Within a week, she’d learned enough about Pluto’s product catalog, customization options, returns policy, and brand voice to begin internal testing. Soon after, Siena was responding to live customer queries with accurate information and on-brand language. 

Benefit #2: Automated FAQs and ticket escalation 

Like every CX team, Pluto had certain customer inquiries come up again and again. Siena automatically handles these requests (i.e., address changes or order cancellations) with empathy. 

Plus, Siena’s ability to process and understand the context of a message enables her to promptly escalate more complex tickets to a human at Pluto. 

Henry highlights this as a win for both his team and their customers: 

  • Pluto’s CX team spends less time on repetitive tasks and more time addressing complex inquiries. 
  • Customers enjoy faster, personalized responses, whether the reply comes from Siena or a human at Pluto. 
Benefit #3: Customizable personas and workflows

According to Henry, a large part of Siena’s impact stems from how customizable she is. 

The Pluto and Siena AI teams programmed Siena with a defined persona and the brand’s existing voice. It was a seamless process with valuable results: Siena’s outputs feel human and sound just like the rest of the Pluto team’s. 

Implementing Siena into our day-to-day customer support has just been really seamless and effective. She feels like a true extension of our team.- ​​Henry Lindstrom, Customer Experience Lead at Pluto


With Siena, Pluto improved response times without additional strain to CX 

Although they only have two CX reps, the Pluto team continues to deliver efficient, feel-good user support — all thanks to Siena. 

Here’s a snapshot of the numbers she’s driven for Pluto so far: 

  1. 290+ hours saved per year with automated responses
  2. 13% faster average ticket response time
  3. $45K saved on CX hiring

Henry looks forward to scaling Siena’s duties alongside Pluto’s sales. No matter how customer demands ramp up, he knows his team can handle it. 

We know Siena can scale with us as we grow. She’ll help us maintain the soul of our customer experience, so we don’t have to worry about hiring temp workers or outsourcing. We can really keep it in-house: very authentically Pluto. - ​​Henry Lindstrom, Customer Experience Lead at Pluto
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