Save time crafting empathic responses with Siena’s new AI assistant for CS agents: Siena Copilot

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Jan 24, 2024
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In the fast-paced realm of customer service, agents find themselves navigating a mix of challenging inquiries, ranging from troubleshooting technical issues to addressing billing discrepancies. Picture this: a customer urgently seeking assistance with a malfunctioning product, while simultaneously another customer insists on immediate resolution to a billing discrepancy. The pressure intensifies as these time-sensitive requests flood in, and the clock that tracks resolution time ticks louder every passing moment. Customer service agents, the unsung heroes of seamless customer experiences, often grapple with the challenge of meeting escalating expectations for lightning-fast ticket resolutions.

Enter Siena Copilot

We understand the toll that constant high-pressure situations can take on both agents and the overall customer experience. That’s why we created Siena Copilot.

Siena Copilot acts as a CS agent’s best friend, but better. It takes instructions! And agents can seamlessly integrate Copilot into their workflow, accessing its capabilities directly from their help desk for a streamlined experience that enhances efficiency.

The power lies in the simplicity of instructing Copilot. Agents can provide concise guidance, specifying the tone and content they desire in customer responses. Whether it's a detailed and empathetic message or a brief, lighthearted interaction, Copilot adapts effortlessly with just a sentence or two of instruction.

Take, for instance, instructing Copilot to offer a 30% discount as a gesture of goodwill for an inconvenience caused, emphasizing the customer's value to the company. The agent only has to instruct Copilot to “offer 30% discount for the customer’s troubles and make them feel special.” And Copilot will generate the following response:

We messed up; let’s make it right. I heard your order arrived late which is totally on us. Sorry about the delay!
We appreciate your patience, and to say thanks, we're tossing in a sweet 30% discount on your next buy. Use code THANKYOU10 at checkout whenever you're ready for some retail therapy.
We're working hard to avoid hiccups like this, and your feedback helps a lot. If you need anything else or just wanna chat, hit us up. 
Thanks a bunch for hanging in there.

What once required several minutes of crafting a warm, empathetic response that doesn’t sound robotic can now be achieved in less than 30 seconds, empowering agents to address a variety of inquiries with unparalleled speed and avoid feeling burned out.

There’s more – agents can fine-tune Copilot's responses with additional instructions or request adjustments on the fly. This dynamic interaction ensures that the human touch remains at the forefront while Copilot handles the heavy lifting.

How Siena Copilot can help

Reduce resolution time

When agents save time, customers save time. Reducing the time it takes to write a response results in shorter wait times, faster response times, and ultimately, shorter resolution times.

Personalize at scale

Copilot enables your whole CS team to craft personalized, empathic responses, designed to create consistency across support interactions and reflect your brand voice and tone, further strengthening the connection your customers feel toward your brand. Book a demo with us to learn how you can create your own support persona in Siena here.

Taking personalization further, Copilot crafts a response with full customer context based on historical interactions with your help desk. In addition to crafting responses faster, agents receive contextually relevant responses based on countless variables such as customer tenure, past questions, and product preferences (to name a few).

Translate like an expert

Supporting customers across borders can be a challenge sometimes because of diverse languages. Copilot can take instructions in English (for example) and translate to over 100 languages on the spot.

Reduce agent onboarding time

With Copilot, agents can reach productive capacity faster. Copilot can act as a coach for when agents need more information before they can respond. If an agent doesn’t know where to start, just ask Copilot for a jumpstart and it will crunch everything it knows about the customer and the support query to provide the best response.

Combine with Siena’s fully autonomous AI

Enable Siena Copilot and pair it with Siena’s autonomous agent (which acts like a human agent in real-time) to create tailored customer experience given the needs of your customers and your support team. Put the power of AI in agents’ hands, allowing them to hit their metrics without burning out. Everybody wins! 

How to get started

  • Send a DM to your manager: “Hey Stacey - I just learned how Siena is making it dead simple to reduce support resolution times with their latest release, Siena Copilot. I know we’ve been waiting for the right time to test out AI. This feels like the perfect opportunity!” Then send her this link.
  • Reach out to us: Give us a shout for a live demo where we can discuss your specific use-cases and assess if Siena Copilot is a good fit for your support team, and how you can use it to create an amazing (yet efficient) customer experience.
  • Enable Copilot through your help desk software: If you’ve already integrated Siena with your help desk, activating Copilot is as easy as clicking a button. Once enabled, you’ll find Copilot right next to your customer chat screen, ready and waiting to lend a hand when needed.
  • Help us spread the word: If you’re passionate about reducing the support burden for your fellow CS agents across the globe, share this article, connect with, tag our CMO, Lisa.

Siena Copilot is currently available for customers using Siena x Gorgias and coming soon to all other partners such as Zendesk, or Kustomer. Book a demo with us to learn more.

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