Siena Meets Wonderment: Save Time Responding To Order Status Questions

Written by
Dave Brooks
Mar 13, 2024
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At Siena, we understand the importance of keeping your customers informed and satisfied throughout their purchasing journey. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest integration with Wonderment, a leading post-purchase Shopify app designed to solve order tracking for Shopify merchants.

Why integrate Wonderment with Siena?

Wonderment offers real-time tracking data that surpasses the standard order statuses provided by Shopify. By integrating Wonderment with Siena, you unlock access to this detailed tracking information, empowering you to respond to customer inquiries with precision and speed. This integration is especially beneficial for merchants already leveraging Wonderment, as it enhances the capabilities of Siena with advanced data insights and enhanced automated responses to customer questions about order status.

How this integration saves time for CX teams

Integrating Siena with Wonderment reduces cost and supports growth in 4 ways:

First, informed responses: Integrate Wonderment's real-time tracking data into Siena's prompts, ensuring accurate and informed responses, particularly in workflows related to obtaining order information, including support for split and multi-delivery shipments. This further reduces the need for your team to respond to order status questions. Siena can now take care of those CX inquiries for your team.

Second, comprehensive order management: Incorporate Wonderment's real-time tracking data into the Siena Inbox, providing merchants with a comprehensive view of order statuses and enabling proactive customer support. When your CX team does get involved, they have each customer’s order status conveniently available where they need it as they’re providing support.

Third, faster response times: By combining Wonderment’s live-order tracking with Siena’s AI, customers receive more detailed info about their order and faster resolutions. Siena responds instantly no matter what time of day or week. Being able to answer those questions across any number of customers and for any number of orders significantly improves CSAT.

Fourth, eliminate support bottlenecks: When sales spike due to discounts and major shopping seasons (like BFCM, Christmas, or Mothers’ Day), “where is my order” inquiries can overwhelm a support team (resulting in lower CSAT scores) or trigger expenses toward temp hiring. With this integration, ecommerce brands don’t have to choose between lower CSAT score or higher costs when sales spike. Siena + Wonderment can handle the order inquiries no matter the sales and support volume.

With the integration active, Siena's Inbox will display status badges reflecting information from Wonderment when available, offering a more detailed and accurate overview of order statuses at a glance.

Save CX agents time and drive customer satisfaction

Take a big step in enhancing your CX by integrating Wonderment with Siena. Setting up this integration ensures that your customers receive timely and detailed responses regarding their orders, resulting in a positive post-purchase experience, which is not only great for CSAT and repeat purchases but also removes support as a bottleneck when sales spike. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated Customer Success team is poised to support you in maximizing the potential of your AI-driven customer service automation with Siena.

We're committed to partnering with you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need guidance or support.

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