New from Siena: Train Your AI Agent with Knowledge Sources

Written by
Dave Brooks
Mar 13, 2024
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We're thrilled to introduce a new addition to our automated CX arsenal: Knowledge Sources. This feature is engineered to support your CX operations by giving Siena real-time access to your product knowledge, policies, and support procedures. The benefits go beyond providing accurate answers to customer questions. With Knowledge Sources, Siena can respond with uniquely tailored responses based on your customers’ questions and needs.

Connect your internal knowledge to take your CX to the next level

At its core, Knowledge Sources ensures that Siena always has the most up-to-date information about your product and support procedures. When a query arises, Knowledge Sources scours through your linked information repositories to generate precise and helpful responses tailored to your customers' needs. 

  • Knowledge Sources opens up countless ways to enhance your CX by providing more personalized support. Let's explore a few of the many possibilities below:
  • Personalized Recommendations: Tailor product recommendations based on customer queries and preferences, enhancing the shopping experience and driving conversions.
  • Stock Availability: Provide real-time updates on product availability, ensuring customers are promptly informed and reducing missed sales opportunities.
  • Sizing Guide: Offer dynamic sizing guides based on past queries and purchases, minimizing returns and maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Relationship Building: Forge meaningful connections with new customers through personalized engagements and introductory offers, fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Marketing and Sales Insights: Harness customer queries to inform marketing campaigns and sales strategies, driving targeted growth and engagement.
  • and many more...

Working with Knowledge Sources

Enhancing your Knowledge Sources repertoire is a breeze with Siena's intuitive interface. Simply navigate to Automations→Knowledge Sources to begin. Our platform supports a range of sources, including Shopify, Zendesk Articles, Yotpo QA, Google Docs, Google Sheets, PDFs, TXT files, and even websites. By integrating these sources, you ensure Siena has the information she needs to provide the most accurate and personalized support possible.

Take the next step

Knowledge Sources represents a leap forward in AI-driven customer support, offering a seamless way to deliver accurate, relevant information directly to your customers. By integrating diverse information repositories and leveraging cutting-edge AI, you're not only improving response times but also enhancing the overall quality of your support.

By integrating various, relevant information sources with Siena, you're not just enhancing response times; you're also enabling word-of-mouth worthy customer experience.

Did my order ship already? I need to change my shipping address.
I need to pause my subscription as I’ll be traveling to Hawaii.
How can I best prepare it?
Is it possible to change to another shampoo and conditioner bars for my subscription?
I don't drink coffee. Does it come in capsule form? Or different flavors?
I just received my order but the self draining soap dish was not in the box.
🇺🇸 Nick Johnson
Hey! Can I return my order?
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Come fare il latte macchiato?