How Siena saves Doe Beauty $2k a month on scaling customer support

Learn how Siena enables Doe Beauty to scale customer support at lower costs and reclaim employees’ time and energy for human-centered strategy efforts.

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  1. 60% automated customer support
  2. $2k a month saved on scaling customer support as a result
I look at Siena as a co-pilot for customer support rather than a direct replacement for humans because it’s like an Iron Man suit. We're not entirely removing humans from our process. Instead, we’re dramatically reducing the need to hire as we scale. - Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty


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AI is ultra applicable to customer support. Doe Beauty was just waiting for the right tool.

Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty, often heard about marketing applications for AI. However, he cared deeply about his brand’s customer service and was skeptical about involving machines. That being said, rapid responsiveness is expensive to scale and hard for humans to maintain. As brands scale, maintaining quick reply times usually means hiring more agents (AKA steep personnel costs). Plus, eight hours into a service shift, AI protects your employees’ bandwidth so they can take on more complex cases. So, when Jason heard about Siena’s empathetic AI customer support, he realized that with his brand’s budget and human resource capacities, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to give the platform a try.

The more data that you can give to AI, the more accurate it becomes. Knowing that, customer support is a great data mine that can be used to train the model to essentially become an extension of our agents. - Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty


Historically, Doe Beauty never used AI for customer support because Jason worried it could compromise the brand’s friendly, personalized shopper experiences. Once he discovered Siena, his mindset changed completely due to the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Onboarding with Siena is tailored to each brand’s needs

From day one, Doe Beauty and Siena were aligned on an onboarding strategy: Both teams would rather be deliberate and accurate than implement too rapidly and break things. With Siena’s white-glove support and technical expertise, Jason’s team could easily and incrementally ramp up their use of our AI. As a result:

  • Every component of Siena worked exactly as it should for Doe Beauty’s team.
  • No customer service experiences were notably impacted by the transition period.

Siena ultimately is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, we help companies like Doe Beauty customize Siena to their brand voice and existing customer service flows to ensure our tech will scale with them.

Benefit #2: Siena learns to become an extension of your support staff

After the implementation, Siena’s AI quickly learned from Doe Beauty’s customer support preferences and interaction data. Soon enough, it began addressing nearly every new ticket with accurate, human-sounding responses. Plus, Siena is so impactful because it doesn’t just automate replies — it can replicate Doe Beauty’s unique brand voice.

Now, Siena successfully functions as a copilot rather than a direct customer service replacement. In Jason’s words, Siena is like an “Iron Man suit”: It lowers the manual lift of customer service and streamlines tickets by handling basic inquiries and giving recommendations. Meanwhile, Doe Beauty's human agents handle any escalations.

Benefit #3: Siena accelerates support for both agents and customers

With Siena, Doe Beauty's customer support is speedier than ever. Modern consumers live in the age of immediacy, meaning they do not want to wait hours to hear back from personnel.

As Doe Beauty rapidly scaled, it used to be difficult for a lean team of human agents to keep up with waves of inquiries. But, partnering with Siena has produced both happier customers and happier team members — for two reasons:

  • When team members talk to customers, they’re no longer faced with people who are frustrated after waiting hours in a queue.
  • When a customer needs help, Siena either provides them with an instant resolution or quickly escalates their ticket to a human agent, who now has the bandwidth to tend to complex, higher-priority inquiries.
Working with Siena is ideal because they embody true partnership. We can move at the speed that's comfortable for us and have flexibility to do what we feel is right for our unique customer support ethos. - Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty


Thanks to Siena, Doe Beauty can continue scaling at far lower costs.

Today, Siena successfully helps Doe Beauty improve not just the customer experience, but also the employee experience.

Jason wants every person working at the brand to have career growth, and Siena eliminates repetitive tasks (i.e., copying and pasting message templates) so employees can work directly on high-level customer experience strategies, such as reducing refund rates or bolstering NPS. In other words, Siena handles the tickets so the Doe Beauty team can rededicate time to human-centered tasks.

Here are some of the results driven by Siena for Doe Beauty so far:

  1. 60% automated customer support
  2. $2k a month saved on scaling customer support as a result

Thanks to Siena, Jason can grow his business without worrying he won’t be able to afford the necessary customer support. Looking forward, he’s excited to see Siena scale and to further elevate Doe Beauty’s customer support from reactive to proactive.

The amount of tickets you get correlates with your brand’s number of orders. Before Siena, I would’ve had to hire a certain number of support agents to compensate for that number as we scaled, which would’ve been expensive. Now, I can scale without the fear that I can’t afford the process.- Jason Wong, Founder of Doe Beauty
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