How Groomie reduced CX ticket volume by over 50% using Siena AI

Learn how Groomie uses Siena to reduce CX workload by 50% — without losing the human touch.

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  1. 50% of inbound tickets handled automatically
  2. 50% reduction in in-house CX staffing costs
We want to deliver a really high level of customer service, and for it to feel as human as possible. That’s why we brought on Siena. ­- Anant H., Founder and CEO at Groomie


Styling tools for baldies? Groomie proves it’s not an oxymoron, it’s an underserved niche. Their ergonomic shavers, blades, and scalp care products are meticulously tested, creating a fast, refreshing daily routine to leave anyone without hair looking their best. Since launching less than 2 years ago, Groomie’s grown fast – gaining 18K subscribers through their site and Amazon.


Groomie needed thoughtful, empathetic customer service – at scale

Beyond high-quality products, Groomie’s founders credit exceptional customer experience (CX) as their secret sauce. To them, CX isn’t grunt work — it’s a valuable channel for customer insights, feedback, and growth.

The founders started off handling CX themselves, but that strategy quickly became unsustainable. They brought on virtual assistants, but as ticket volumes grew, the team felt like they were treading water. Their VA platform offered some macros and automations, but the canned scripts weren’t up to Groomie’s standards — their customers would likely find them alienating and frustrating.

As Groomie grew, customer service had to be a priority. The team needed to respond to high volumes of tickets quickly and accurately, while keeping every conversation warm, empathetic, and true to the Groomie persona. Siena AI was the perfect solution. An autonomous chat platform for commerce, Siena uses GPT-4 infrastructure to handle complex queries while accounting for context, meaning, and time.

As founders, we were doing a lot of the customer service, using our customers’ feedback to improve the product. But it got to a point where we couldn’t handle it full time. - Anant H., Founder and CEO at Groomie


Siena reduced CX workload by 50% — without losing the human touch

Groomie found that 60 to 70% of their subscriber emails fell into a few broad categories, and built pre-trained automations with Siena to handle them. Compared to the basic macros they were using before, these conversations felt responsive, attentive, and personal. Now, Siena handles 50-60% of Groomie’s CX tickets.

Siena’s contextual understanding and multi-thread inquiry handling closely replicate the experience of speaking with a human agent — yet she responds in as little as 30 seconds. Instant integration with Groomie’s knowledge base got Siena up to speed quickly, and seamless handoffs let her work like just another member of the team.

Siena is driving 50% of our tickets, which alleviated the need to add more and more team members on the customer service side. - Anant H., Founder and CEO at Groomie


Siena helped Groomie cut ticket volume & CX staffing costs in half

With Siena, Groomie stayed true to the human touch they’d built their brand on — but with a speed and accuracy humans could never deliver at scale.

  • 50% of inbound tickets handled automatically
  • Projects needing 50% fewer CX hires moving forward

Because Siena frees up valuable staffing time, Groomie has been able to evolve their CX strategy. With Siena handling all the repetitive emails, they’re now using CX as a strategic channel for growth and retention. Rather than reacting to tickets, Groomie’s reps have the capacity to actively reach out to customers, asking them for feedback or letting them know about upcoming sales – both incredibly valuable acquisition and customer retention strategies.

With Siena, we can start thinking about our customer service more proactively. More specifically, the team at Groomie began to ask ourselves: How can we grow, get feedback, and use customer service in a positive way at scale? - Anant H., Founder and CEO at Groomie

The Future

Scalable customer service tooling for a fast-growing company

By year-end, Groomie hopes to double their subscriber base. With Siena, they know they can handle that increased volume without sacrificing the quality of each interaction. These savings will only multiply as Groomie scales. Eventually, working with Siena could mean Groomie needs only 4-5 reps, rather than 10.

Groomie built their name — and their business model — on customer relationships as a priority. Siena enables them to continue doubling down on these relationships in a scalable manner.

As we grow, Siena alleviates workload on our end. Instead of repetitive tickets, we’re dealing with one-off issues, and writing unique responses. Our agents feel better about that, too. - Anant H., Founder and CEO at Groomie
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